Franchisee Michael Knobelock Shares His Shipley Story and the Benefits of Franchising

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When dreams and childhood memories intertwine with the benefits of franchising, magic happens. Mike Knobelock, a seasoned entrepreneur with over 30 years in the fast-food industry, shares his journey of realizing a lifelong aspiration: becoming a part of the beloved Shipley Do-Nuts family.

In an exclusive interview, Mike delves into his experiences, motivations, and the delightful moments that come with being a Shipley franchisee.

Read on to learn more about how Mike has reaped the benefits of owning a franchise with Shipley Do-Nuts.

A Sweet Beginning: How Dreams Take Shape

“I’m from Southern California originally but moved to Houston when I was five years old,” Mike begins as he reflects on his early connection with Shipley Do-Nuts. His voice exudes excitement as he dives into his childhood memories of playing Pee Wee baseball.

“I played Pee Wee baseball, and the sponsor of my team was Shipley Do-Nuts,” Mike reminisces.

“If we won the game, we got to go across the street and get all-you-could-eat donuts,” he recalls with a chuckle. The enthusiasm in his voice is palpable as he describes indulging in freshly prepared hot donuts and delicious chocolate milk, creating a strong incentive for victory. “We lost very few games. We were champions for the two years in a row that I was on the team.”

This formative connection stayed with Mike throughout the years. His persistent efforts to become a Shipley franchisee were finally met with success, propelling him into a new chapter of his entrepreneurial journey. “It’s been a dream of mine to get into this brand forever and ever,” Mike emphasizes.

A Lifelong Dream Fulfilled

From those fond childhood memories, Mike’s journey with Shipley Do-Nuts took a more profound turn as he sought to turn his dream into reality. “Throughout the years, I applied and tried to get into Shipley’s as a franchisee – and was always told nothing was available at the time,” he explains.

His persistence finally paid off when he received an unexpected phone call. “I got a call from a guy that’s selling six Shipley Do-Nuts,” he shares, his excitement still fresh. The stars seemed to align as the locations were in the same area where his other fast-food restaurants were located.

Navigating Transition and Innovation

As Mike took over six Shipley Do-Nuts stores, he encountered a transition process that was not without challenges. However, the brand’s unwavering support and guidance ensured a smooth shift. “They brought in people to help us learn, help train… They’ve been there holding our hands or helping us the whole way,” he reveals, underscoring the brand’s commitment to franchisee success.

Mike lauds Shipley’s proactive approach to innovation. The brand’s embrace of technology, from POS systems to delivery partnerships, has ushered Shipley Do-Nuts into a new era of convenience and customer satisfaction. “The things that Shipley’s putting into place are really taking the brand to the next level,” he affirms.

Impactful Leadership and Building Dreams

Mike’s leadership philosophy centers on hiring skilled professionals who excel in their roles. “Nothing’s gonna replace hard work,” he emphasizes, reflecting on his ethos of hiring those who bring expertise to the table. His commitment to building a dedicated team extends to creating opportunities for employees to grow, providing a sense of accomplishment that he cherishes.

As Mike continues to navigate his journey as a Shipley Do-Nuts franchisee, he’s motivated by the impact he can have on his employees’ lives. “One of the greatest accomplishments for me is what I’ve been able to do for a lot of my employees,” he shares. He takes pride in providing opportunities for growth and fostering a positive work environment.

Beyond the Glaze: Dreams Fulfilled and a Bright Future

Mike Knobelock’s journey from a childhood baseball team to owning multiple Shipley Do-Nuts stores is a testament to dedication and the power of dreams. As a multi-unit franchisee, Mike brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to the brand. “I’m extremely happy. This first eight months has exceeded my expectations,” he declares.

Looking ahead, Mike sees a bright future for Shipley Do-Nuts, especially in attracting multi-unit franchisees like himself. His commitment to the brand’s growth and success is unwavering as he continues to build a legacy of sweet memories and hard-earned accomplishments.

For Mike, Shipley Do-Nuts represents not just a business but a lifelong connection, a dream realized, and a journey of growth. As he forges ahead, his story stands as an inspiration for all who dare to chase their dreams, no matter where they lead.

Ready to join us as we continue to light up lives with our delectable treats and transformative opportunities? Contact Shipley today to learn more about the benefits of franchising!

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