Training and Support

At Shipley Do-Nuts, we know that preparation and support is everything to franchise success — and you can count on our QSR industry training to pave the way!

No Experience with Do-Nuts is No Problem! You Can Count on Our QSR Industry Training to Prepare You!

At Shipley Do-Nuts, we look for candidates who have previous business ownership or management experience, and we prefer those with strong backgrounds in operations, franchising or restaurant management. Having said that, we know that preparation and support are key to running a successful franchise, and our experts are committed to making sure you’re ready to take full advantage of our robust industry from the moment your doors open!

After all, making life delicious takes some planning and support — and with our made fresh daily training program, you’ll get that!


Traffic patterns

Ease of parking



And much more!

Help with Site Selection and Build Out

You’ve heard it before — location is everything, especially in business. That’s why we’ll help you identify, lease, and build out the perfect spot for your franchise. Because we have decades of experience, we know what to look for in the way of a great location.

We’ll also review your construction plans and provide you with the design and layout of a typical Shipley Do-Nuts shop to help guide you. You can also count on our specifications for:



Color schemes


Point of sale systems


Signs and accessories

Best of all, you won’t have to hunt around for the best deals on any of it — we’ll provide you with information for approved suppliers, saving you valuable time and money!

Our Pre-opening Bakery Training Program

About a month before your grand opening, you and up to two of your staff will enjoy four weeks of comprehensive training in one of our certified training stores that will prepare you to operate your franchise smoothly and efficiently, regardless of your background. We’ll pass on our expertise to you, as you discover the best ways to manage your shop.


Inventory control


Customer service






And much more!

After Your Bakery Doors Open

Once you’re open for business, you’ll quickly discover all the work that’s gone on before you, making the operation of your shop seamless and efficient. Our proprietary do-nut recipe is easy to mix, requiring only water and yeast on site, and it guarantees freshness and deliciousness. Our high-end equipment makes prep and baking a breeze, and our established brand name means you’ll spend far less time working to establish your bakery — we’ve already done that for you!

Other important ways we continue to assist you include:

Field Support

You’ll enjoy a team of franchise business consultants to help with your business.


You’ll receive periodic information to assist in the operation of your franchise.

Franchise Services

We’re just a phone call or email away for any questions you might have.

Marketing & Advertising

Our expert marketing team will support you with strategic advertising and local store marketing.

Culinary/Restaurant Excellence

You'll benefit from product, equipment, and procedure innovation, and optimization.

You’ll also benefit from a seasoned Shipley team member who will work side by side with you for up to five days after your opening to make sure you’re integrating everything you’ve learned and that things are going smoothly. And you can always refer to our proprietary Operations manual that goes over important processes and procedures in detail.

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