Learn About the Benefits of Franchising from David Duff, a Successful Shipley Franchisee

David Duff shares the benefits of franchising

David Duff is the proud owner of four Shipley Do-Nuts locations in the McAllen, Texas area. David Duff’s family has been in partnership with Shipley since 1977, and he is proud to have continued the legacy of his family business.

We got the opportunity to sit down with David to learn more about his journey with Shipley and how he has been able to reap the benefits of franchising with Shipley Do-Nuts.  

If you’re considering a career as a Shipley Do-Nuts franchise owner, take a few minutes to hear from one of our successful franchisees. 

How Did Your Franchise Journey with Shipley Begin?

In 1977, the Duff family’s story began with the purchase of a Shipley franchise. 

“My Dad fried donuts, Mom filled them up, and I rolled out the dough; before long, it was all in the family!”

Now that same store has been part of their lives for more than forty years and continues to be passed down through generations as an integral piece of who they are today.

Step into any of David’s Shipley stores today, and you can experience generations of the family business. See his passionate 87-year-old mom enjoying her coffee or meet his children, who are now part of this legacy. Get a taste for what it’s like to be in an institution that has been carried on from one generation after another – truly embodying a ”family-owned, family-operated” spirit.

How Have You Reaped the Benefits of Franchising with Shipley?

Through his business acumen and hard work, David is delighted to have had the chance to positively transform his family’s lifestyle through the benefits of buying a franchise

Another one of the franchisee advantages David has experienced is that his family extends beyond the immediate. For over 40 years, he has cultivated a tight-knit family of employees. They might not share the same DNA, but with loyal individuals who have stuck around for up to three decades – including 27-, 17-, and 10-year veterans – there is an unbreakable bond between them all that will never waver no matter the circumstance.

What Has Been Your Greatest Accomplishment in Owning Your Business?

“A decade ago, I encountered a special individual who encouraged me to open two additional locations on top of my existing ones. Although these stores are not as successful financially as my original store in McAllen, they remain self-sustaining and were made possible by this person’s inspiration!”

What Has Been Your Greatest Challenge?

“For me, the biggest challenge isn’t physical – it’s finding and cultivating a strong team of long-term employees who will become an extension of my Shipley family. It takes some careful strategizing to locate these remarkable individuals and then nurture them into valuable assets to my company.”

What Does a Typical Day Look Like for You?

“Every day of the week, I am up and on my way to work before most people have finished their first cup of coffee!”

David’s job requires him to travel between his four different locations, ensuring that machines are running smoothly, supplies are where they need to be, and the bank is counted and processed correctly – all while providing impeccable customer service! No matter who comes in or what time it is.

How Do You Get Involved in Your Local Community?

David is making a difference in his community, having generously provided sweet treats and much-needed funding to churches, cancer treatment centers, and the Salvation Army. His generous support touches many lives.

It is incredibly important for local business owners to get involved in charities and support the communities they serve. Charitable giving not only makes a direct impact on those in need but also provides positive benefits for businesses. It demonstrates a commitment to the well-being of their community and can help attract customers, which leads to more revenue.

How Would You Describe Your Ownership and Leadership Style?

David’s leadership style is very hands-on. He poses the question: “When was the last time you went into a restaurant or shop and were greeted by the owner? That’s what shows we are a true family business.”

The Duff family was treated like family by the Shipleys, including Mr. Shipley himself. David extends this family-based mindset to the way in which he runs his donut stores today.

What’s the Best Piece of Advice You’ve Ever Received?

The best advice that David has ever received was from the one-and-only Horst Schulze, founder of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Co., who said that customers start to get impatient after five seconds of waiting. 

“Have you ever been in a restaurant where it’s busy and no one pays attention to your table?”

The key to running an efficient business, David says, especially on the small scale, is providing attentive customer service. Instead of leaving customers feeling forgotten or neglected, just take those few moments to calmly let them know that they will soon be taken care of – this simple gesture helps ensure positive experiences for all involved.

“If you’ve got ten bags of donut holes there in the back, there’s no reason to bag up another ten bags when there’s a customer up front that needs you.”

Are you ready to join the Shipley Do-Nuts family of franchisees? Reach out today to get started franchising with us!

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